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Noida Testing Laboratory is Established in 2011,is a Dedicated Laboratory to provide the Environmental,Oil,water, air Petroleum, food, Ayurvedic, Chemical, Residual and Microbiological testing services. Committed to High Quality Testing Services.
We also offer advance and technical training facilities & project works for life science (Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Biochemistry and others) Graduate and post Graduate students. Our Management and Technical staff are well qualified and expert in related area’s, from various R & D centers, MNC’s, Testing Laboratories.
Our main objective to provide reliable testing services to Environmental components (water, air, soil, meteorological, solid waste sludge), Petroleum product   Food, Chemical residual, microbiological components.



Some fraudulent people created fake reports using the letter head of our company. We have informed them to the police. We have nothing to do with these reports. If anyone creates a report using a letter head in the name of our company, legal action will be taken against the person who created and produced the report. The fake reports made by the fraudsters are below.

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Welcome Noida Testing Laborities We offers Water testing,Soil Testing Service Noida